5 comments on “Prediction #1

  1. ruralcounsel says:

    Proving party affiliation means nothing. The Deep State that sells out the nation has people on both team benches.

  2. Gary Moore says:

    so we loose Collins, Murkowski and Romney……is it that much of a loss?

    • Matthew W says:

      Not really. Being the majority (even with spineless RINOs) just means being able to be in charge.

    • Handy N Handsome says:

      Collins will not change parties.
      She is in a unique position up here in that she gets the “we got no choice” vote, the moderate democrat vote, and most of the indie vote.

  3. Steve the Engineer says:

    update – now that the Patriot Party has been formally established, this number could rise. Will a few brave souls dump the GOP and hop on board the Patriot Party? Ted Cruz, perhaps ? I hope so.

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