My Counter Purge Continues……….

Twitter:  Cancelled

I signed up for a Twitter account a long time ago just to get credit from some service or website, don’t remember who/what.  I never used it much, I just wanted to follow James Woods  (Not sure why he’s not on Parler yet) and Adam Baldwin.  But, I got 1000’s of re-tweets that I didn’t want and I didn’t spend any time trying to figure out how to correct that.

Facebook:   Cancelled

I really don’t do “social media” so I really didn’t spend much time on Facebook except the past two years I was volunteering for a couple of people running for Congress and that for better or worse was the best way to communicate.  A few years ago I had to have my car towed from the tollway and the tow truck driver spent 99% of his time looking at his Facebook account and replying to posts while driving 60 miles an hour in tollway traffic.  I know people at work that are addicted to Facebook like that and it’s quite disturbing.

Netflix:  Cancelled

I had Netflix for maybe 8 years as a replacement for cable/satellite service.  I should have ended that account when they brought the Obama’s onboard but the rest of the family wanted to keep it.  I did finally cancel it because of the combination of  their connection to bLM/social justice and their pedophile move “Cuties”.

Amazon Prime:  Cancelled

I got Prime (two months ago) to replace Netflix (had to hold my nose while doing it because they are almost as bad as Netflix).  But since they dumped Parler from their webhosting service, “Goodbye Amazon.”

Youtube:  Videos deleted

Deleted all of my content and will no longer post links to Youtube or click on links to Youtube, switching over to

My last video on Youtube:

(don’t point out the irony of me saying I’m not posting links to Youtube)


WordPress:  Active

I haven’t been able to find any comparable replacement for WordPress.  Anyone know how to completely backup/save a WordPress blog????

Google:   Working on separating

I have to go piece by piece to slowly separate myself from Google.



3 comments on “My Counter Purge Continues……….

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  2. ericrashley says:

    Never been on Twitter. Not sure parler is good either, but I’m not a twitter type guy so this is easy.

    Cut Prime a year ago for money reasons. Again easy.

    Amazon in general I can cut. Ebooks and epubbing will be harder.

    FB, well, I’m already on MeWe, and I just need to do a few things, and then swat the mosquito.

  3. I am glad to see that. Thank you very much to share with us.

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