Bad Decision, Bad Shoot…………………


Volo shooting: 2 teens shot, 1 fatally after fight over stolen vehicle

Two teenage boys from Carol Stream were shot, one of them fatally, Sunday after getting into a fight with a Round Lake Beach man who allegedly found them in his stolen vehicle in northwest suburban Volo.

The 35-year-old man saw the boys, both 17, in his vehicle about 2:45 a.m. near Route 12 and Route 120 after it had been stolen several days earlier, according to the Lake County sheriff’s office.

The boys fled south in the vehicle on Route 12 but ran out of gas after about a mile, and pulled into a parking lot in the 30400 block of Route 12, the sheriff’s office said.

A fight ensued and at some point, someone pulled out a gun and fired shots, the sheriff’s office said. Both 17-year-olds were struck, leaving one dead and the other seriously wounded.

It’s unclear who pulled the gun and shot, but since both of the teens were shot, I will for now jump to the conclusion that the man that had his car stolen was the shooter.

Two 17 year olds from Carol Stream in Volo at 2:45 am.  Carol Stream to Volo is over 30 miles. The car was stolen several days earlier. (Round Lake Beach is 5 miles from Volo)

It will be interesting to here “The Rest Of The Story.”

One comment on “Bad Decision, Bad Shoot…………………

  1. Obama's Boyfriend says:

    The owner needs more practice time. Remember two in the center mass and one to the head.

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