The High Tech Junk Drawer……………

Who has a box like this?

Everyone has a “Junk Drawer” in their house and of course with the technology moving forward so does the junk drawer.

I have a box full of bits and pieces of computers and technology what nots.  Some of it’s just hard to get rid of because as soon as you throw something away, you’ll need it !!  But, it is time to clear out some of these antiques that I definitely know I’ll never need again.

Various device connectors.  I only had one device that used the Firewire, my old Digital 8 camcorder.  USB A to B, that I’ll keep just in case……………………

Adaptors.  Serial to USB. Ethernet to USB.  This was for the cross over years with technology changing and trying to keep the  old technology usable.

About a dozed computer power cords.  I’ll save two of the longest ones.

Cat 5 and old phone cords.  Every computer I had came with the little package of phone cord and every modem did too.

RCA cords.  GONE !!!!

OHHH, I remember this octopus.  I was big time 20 years ago having two desktops sharing a monitor.  Probably cost a lot for this way back when, but useless today.

Gadzooks !!!  There are more not shown, but I have every printer or scanner power supply I ever owned.  I actually haven’t owned a printer in the last 6-7 years as I can do all of my printing at work.  I will save the old phone chargers.

How long do you keep the original packaging for some of your devices??

I didn’t realize I had so many old hard drives.  Every time I got rid of an old computer, I took the hard drive out and kept it.  Early on in my home computer days I had a computer crash and I lost everything on it.  Now, 20 years ago there wasn’t that much to really lose, but I learned something.  From then on I got in the habit of adding a second hard drive to be used as data storage, and the original hard drive would be for programs and the operating system.  I would also max out the memory as well.  I learned a lot about working on computers doing that.

But !!! I actually had one desktop that had the C Drive crash after about 6 months of use, not too big of a deal, I was able to replace it and reinstall the operating system.  BUT !!!!!!!  6 months later, that drive died as well !!!  Turns out that adding the extra drive was not allowing enough airflow to cool the C Drive.  Nice engineering job !!!

So, I had a choice of sitting around and waiting for the old hard drives to get wiped, or I could take them apart.

Now I know what they look like on the inside.  I did check each one to see if there was any data I wanted to keep.


So here’s my empty “High Tech Junk Drawer.”

CRAP !!!!

I found more bits of things to keep !!!!!


3 comments on “The High Tech Junk Drawer……………

  1. bkhuna says:

    Egads. I use to fix computers for friends at work and in the neighborhood. On guy would bring me his desktops, tell me it became all “wifey-fied” and give it to me. He said he’d let me have it if I would set up his new computer.

    I swear, what is it with women and the uncontrollable urge to click on every email link promising them cute cat pictures?

  2. woodsterman says:

    We all have those high tech junk drawers don’t we.

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