Join My $100,000 2020 Election Pool !!!!

I’m not a gambler and I don’t run pools at work, but I see an opportunity here.

Democrats are lying, cheating, dishonest crapweasles of the highest order.

They knew as long as the economy was good, Trump would be re-elected.

When the China Wuhan Virus struck, they were slow to see the potential for defeating Trump, but they figured it out.

Lock down the country, destroy the economy and remove as many safety features that prevent voting fraud and steal the election.


The penultimate election stealing scam !!

So, for just $100 entry fee, you can win $100,000 !!!!

All you have to do is pick the State/County/Precinct that the last legally accepted vote is counted.

I will be setting up a Bitcoin account to collect the entry fees

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