Coca Cola Is Ending Production Of Tab !!

Coca-Cola is killing cult-classic soda Tab, sending waves of shock and nostalgia across America


On Friday, Coca-Cola announced it was retiring Tab, along with other “underperforming” drinks such as Odwalla and Diet Coke Feisty Cherry.

Tab is set to officially retire on December 31, 2020, after more than five decades, according to Coca-Cola. The decision is part of Coca-Cola’s strategy to kill off “zombie” brands in an effort to focus on fewer brands with stronger sales.



I started drinking Tab in the late 1970’s because my girlfriend drank Tab.  Young people today have no idea how bad “sugar free” drinks tasted back then.  Tab was made with “saccharin” and did it have an aftertaste !!!

I then discovered Mountain Dew a little later and that was much better !!!

One comment on “Coca Cola Is Ending Production Of Tab !!

  1. GreggBC says:

    The original TAB from the 60s was the best. Then some reseacher found out the isf a rat drank a bathtub full of Tab everyday it would maybe get a tumor. So they banned the artificial sweetner cyclamate.

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