Big Fun With An Elephant Gun

Another Big Gun, Big Fun video from Kentucky Ballistics.

Just looking around the intertubes, ammo is at least $6 a round !!!

The damage he did to his steel is incredible.

My favorite target was the watermelon.

He does a follow up video shooting body armor with interesting results.

4 comments on “Big Fun With An Elephant Gun

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  3. Mike says:

    While it was a tiny bit smaller, the big game gun we had at the Toronto Zoo was chambered in .458 Winchester magnum. The round used was the Winchester S458WSLS with a Nosler 500 gr Solid. It was the only firearm I’ve ever shot that bruised me. After the Zoo moved all it’s elephants to another site, the manager replaced the .458 with a rifle chambered in .375 H&H, much to everyone’s relief because that .458 rifle hurt.

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