John Wick 3

I finally saw “John Wick 3.”

Actually, I should say “I eventually saw John Wick 3.” If I use the word “Finally”, I think that it implies that I had wanted to see the movie at some time.
Why would I not want to see JW3?  Because I saw JW2 !!!
I think I’m being kind by saying that JW2 was a cinematic piece of crap.

“John Wick” was almost a perfect movie.
Great story
Great action
Great characters

And then they shit all over that when they went for the franchise money grab and made JW2.

Seriously, John Wick has a bullet proof suit and shoots everyone in the head, but no one else has a bullet proof suit and never shoots John Wick in the head.

Now, let’s move on to JW3.

WOW !!!

The number of times that John got the literal shit beat out of him (but still won the fight).

He looked old and tired while he was getting beat. (and yet he still beat the younger and more skilled fighters)

The best part of the original movie was that the fighting and shooting scenes were entertaining without going over the top to laughably ridiculous.

In JW3, every person John Wick fights is better, younger ,faster, healthier and yet John wins every fight.  My wife was impressed with the fight in the glass room. What a turd !!! At that point John should have been dead 30 plus times, completely crippled and yet HE WINS AGAIN !!!!!

The shooting scenes.

One tip for the director:


For crying out loud !!

The  Casablanca shootout (with the absolutely horrible Halle Berry character) went on way too long  at about 5 1/2 minutes!!

The the great “Vigo has Mayhem task a crew shootout” in John Wick, lasts about 2 1/2 minutes including substantial amounts of most excellent hand to hand combat.

At some point in JW3, all of the shooting feels like range practice.

More shooting, more action did not make JW3 a good movie nor did it make up for the ridiculous plot.

Is there a lack of opportunity for Keanu Reeves to work and do quality projects that’s he’s forced to be involved in horrible sequels? (I’m looking at you Matrix and John Wick!)