I Will Take “Staying With The Hoax” For $400 Alex……..

Just a quick recap from a couple of other posts.

A female black claimed that four White frat boys tried to set her on fire.

So far, no one has been caught or charged and the police have not released any information.

Getting Ready To Officially Call This FAKE ?


Put Me Down As Calling This “Suspicious”


She managed to get a break in her extensive reconstructive plastic surgery to speak out at bLM rally recently.

She claimed that the police had pressured her to recant her story.

Police disagree.


Madison Police chief denies claim teen pressured to recant hate crime report

I for one believe that the police have at least suggested to her that she should recant.


Because in my opinion, the police have found zero evidence to support her claim of an attack.

It would be far better for the police and the prosecution to have her recant as apposed to having her arrested and prosecuted for false statements, perjury, mopery and whatever else they could rightfully dump on her.


“27 News representatives have made several requests of Madison Police for any video they may possess of the intersection of State and West Gorham streets, or nearby streets, at the time on June 24 Bernstein says the incident took place. But each request has been denied by police custodians, citing the ongoing investigation.”

AT least the local media there is asking questions.



One comment on “I Will Take “Staying With The Hoax” For $400 Alex……..

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