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Programming Note:

I am mostly back.  If you use WordPress, you may know that WP forced a horrible “upgrade” on everyone.  There is a work around (other than changing platforms) that just complicates my blogging.  From several help sites I have gone to, I wonder how may of the disgruntled WP users are actually going to change platforms because of this horrible “improvement?”

Website Linkage
The Other McCain New Joe Biden Campaign Ad Released
Bustednuckles Safety Glasses Or Face Shields Recommended!
Woodsterman It’s Time For Another Funday ~ Coffee Edition
357 Magnum Antifa Meets Opposition – Take 2
Victory Girls Rose Garden Gets Melania Makeover, Twitter Howls
Hogewash No Need to Lie
WUWT President Trump Accuses FDA “Deep State” of Delaying the Coronavirus Vaccine


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