Vacation: Day 5

Today I worked my compost pile (and drank a beer)


PHEW !!!  Really late this year getting it done !!


I made a screen about 20 years ago (WOW, that long ago??) with 1/2″ by 1/2″ wire.


I got about three wheelbarrows out of last years compost.


I used it around my little oak tree and it was used all around my palatial estate as cover and it gets worked into the soil as well.


All cleaned out and ready for the new material to start again.  I use an old plastic garbage can with holes drilled in it as the pre-cooker .  A well managed compost pile really shouldn’t have too much of an odor.  But I mostly put grass clippings in the composter and I LOVE that ammonia smell !!


I let the debris that failed to go through the screen dry out in the sun on the tarp, put it back in the bucket and “chopped” it with a spade and screened it again.  This is all that was left.  Makes a big difference to make sure you don’t put things in the compost that will definitely not decompose or go through the screen.