New Belt Busting Burgers At McDonald’s

McDonald’s to release smaller and bigger Big Macs


The fast-food chain will release two new versions of the iconic burger Wednesday: the Little Mac and the Double Big Mac.

The Little Mac has just one beef patty, while the Double Big Mac has four. They’ll both still be topped with cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions and Special Sauce.

The Double Big Mac comes in at 720 calories; the Little Mac is 320 calories — the same as a medium fry.

Though the burgers’ prices will vary regionally, McDonald’s is recommending a price of $2.29 for the Little Mac and $5.49 for the Double Big Mac, McDonald’s spokeswoman Morgan O’Marra said.


“Double Big” is kind of an awkward name to use when ordering, but I guess if more McDonald’s go to self serve ordering, it’s moot.

I think I would have gone with “Mini Mac”, Big Mac” and “Mega Mac”.