Horowitz IG Report: My Greatest Fear

It is likely that the IG report about “possible” FISA abuse will come out this week.

My greatest fear?

The report will document what most of us have “known” or suspected about the gross abuses concerning the FISA court and the illegal spying on American citizens.

BUT !!

Then the Hillary Rule gets applied.

Disgraced human being James Comey in 2016 laid out an airtight criminal case against Hillary Clinton, but we were told that Hillary didn’t mean to break any laws, so no prosecution (or accountability).

Same with the FISA report.  There will be clear evidence that many people lied to the FISA court and the abuses will be obvious and very clear, but again, “no one meant to break the law.”

I can already hear the Democrat meme: “Mistakes were made, we need to move on.”

If people don’t go to jail for this, the Republic is dead.

2 comments on “Horowitz IG Report: My Greatest Fear

  1. joej201 says:

    Thanks for the add bud…

  2. b says:

    Not dead , just get ready for civil war, arm up and ammo up.

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