“Boys’ Life”, At The Doctor’s Office

I had a Dr appointment today and as usual, I was early.  So, the only magazine that wasn’t a ladies magazine or some left wing trash was “Boys’ Life.”  Not sure I’ve looked at that since I was 12-13 year’s old.  So, I flipped though it and was very surprised that I didn’t see wokeness or climate warming nonsense in it.  So good for Boys’ Life.  Bit of a surprise since the Boy Scouts in general have gone leftist.

So, getting my yearly physical for work and the nurse comes in and takes my blood pressure.  Now, I am hard of hearing and the nurse has a Mexican accent so I don hear it very well but it sounded like she said “120 over 90” which I would have been thrilled with. (note:  by accident I always wear a long sleeved shirt when I go to the Dr and have to pull my arm out of the shirt .)

Now, a bit later when the Dr comes in, she takes my BP again and I didn’t hear what she said.  But wait !!  Later still the nurse comes back in with a BP machine and takes my BP again.  This time it’s 144/95 !!!!!  It gets better when a few minutes later, they read my BP again and it is 140/90.  I don’t know what a difference it makes but the last three readings were over my shirt sleeve.

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  1. Zendo Deb says:

    Which is why I always have my own reading material…

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