Impeachment Mania!

Impeachment Mania!

From “The Other Mccain”

Is there any fact that could convince the Democrats to desist? Have they become so maniacally obsessed that they are beyond reason?

UPDATE: I am astonished that the comments turned into a Drudge-bashing festival, which certainly was not what I intended. I don’t agree with those who contend Drudge is anti-Trump, although perhaps his assistant(s) might be. My hunch is that Drudge looks upon impeachment (and “scandal” generally) as good for his traffic. Besides, if you think that impeachment is apt to prove disastrous for Democrats (as I do), wouldn’t it actually be your duty as a right-wing journalist to encourage them to pursue this mania? So if Drudge’s choice of headlines seems anti-Trump lately, is that possibly misleading? And deliberately so?



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