Shit Writing From The Chicago Tribune

A Texas company is closing 4 Illinois coal plants but plans to keep some of its dirtiest units running

Shitty Tribune Writing

Illinois will take another step away from coal by the end of the year when a Texas company shutters four downstate power plants that burn the lung-damaging, climate-changing fossil fuel.

This was on the front page.

It’s mostly opinion.

Shit writing from the Tribune is the norm, not the exception.

3 comments on “Shit Writing From The Chicago Tribune

  1. Phil says:

    It’s all either opinion, conjecture, deflection or projection anymore.
    I can’t even remember the last time I saw a news article that followed the W-Rules of journalism.
    Why and How for good measure.
    I can remember learning that in junior fucking high school and these lying fucking assholes dare to call themselves news people?

    Let’s cut to the chase and call a spade a spade, they are all professional propagandists.
    There is a night and day difference.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    Just like the final chapter in Atlas Shrugged and an accurate depiction of modern-day

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