Rule Five: Mary Ann

Just a simple one here today.

If you are a gentleman of my age, there is the age old debate of  “Ginger/Mary Ann, Daphne/Velma, Marcia/Jan, Wilma/Betty”

Oddly enough, I don’t choose any of the redheads in that bunch.






We know Gilligan was gay, he’s eyeballing the coconut cream pie and Skipper is eyeballing the boobies.

5 comments on “Rule Five: Mary Ann

  1. combateng says:

    Maryann and Baily Quarters.

  2. Leonard Jones says:

    In every poll ever taken on the subject, Mary Ann beat Ginger every time. The
    average guy likes the pretty girl next door or the wholesome farm girl more than
    a stuck-up sexpot. One is the kind of girl that appeals to the average man,
    the other would be hell to live with.

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