Dire Straits “Lady Writer”

“Lady Writer” is by far the best song off of the otherwise dismal second album “Communiqué” rushed out in 1979 as a quick follow up to the far better 1978  self titled album, “Dire Straits.”  I don’t know Mark Knopfler’s musical writing history, but “Lady Writer” sounds like it should have been on the first album sounding much like “Down To The Waterline” (another of my favorites) and of course the uber classic rock song “Sultans Of Swing.”

I have always wondered what this song would sound like with a more “Clapton” voice rather than the Knopfler “Dylan” sound.  Until Dylan admits that he did not write “Blowing In The Wind”, I won’t be much of a fan.

Knopfler is a rock guitar master and that is the reason he’s toured with Eric Clapton.