STOP !!! WALK AWAY !!!!!

We have a really nice cafeteria at the building where I work and one of my favorite items to get is a “Big BLT.”  There is a regular lady that runs the kitchen named “Edith” that does a great job of making my sammich.  You can customize the sammich with your choice of bread and I always choose a french roll, that really turns it up to “11.”   They don’t skimp on the bacon and I usually joke that it is a bacon sammich with a little salad on top.

There are times in life you you are doing something normal, not special or unusual in which something in your head says “STOP !!!!!!   WALK AWAY !!!!”.  I’m not talking about the “Hold my beer and watch this” or someone says “I bet you can’t….”     Just something normal.

So, “Edith” was back in the kitchen working and there was a newcomer at the counter.

“I would like a BLT on a french roll.”

“What is a “french roll?” (in an almost undecipherable foreign accent)


She picks up a piece of ciabatta and looks at me and I pointed to where the french rolls were.

“Do you want mayo on the inside?”

“WALK AWAY !!!!”

Sigh, I didn’t heed the warning.

Below is the BLT that she made.

Walk away

It was a fine bacon sammich, but certainly not a BLT !!!

Sometimes you do have to listen to the voices in your head !!