Bacon Vacation: Chestnut Mountain

We only did a two nighter this year for going away.  Didn’t really have the money for a full trip to OBX again:

Just too tired too !!!!  Vacations are a lot of work.

So, up to Chestnut Mountain, Galena, Illinois.

I have never skied here but have been told it is a good skiing venue.  We stayed here probably 25 years ago for a fall weekend. Very, very, very nice place.  Kind of a remote location to get to (thank God for GPS !).

I would need about 20 photos to show the property, so just a couple  overlooking the Mississippi from the property:



One of the summer attractions at Chestnut Mountain is their Alpine Slide.

I did 12 runs on this day and this was the fastest !! My wife had a 10 second head start , I passed her at :25 and beat her by 10 seconds !!  When I passed her she thought I was out of control and was going to fly off the track.


I did have a crash !!!!

On the previous run, a half wit went down at ¼ speed because she was recording with her phone and my wife caught up to her halfway down. So dang if I didn’t get stuck behind her on the next run but me being a genius, allowed twice the time between us before I went down. Well, Ms. Half Wit had a friend go in front of her and he somehow thought it was a brilliant idea to come to a complete stop ¾ of the way down to wait for her.  Those kind of people are lucky to be able to breathe on their own without having to think about it.


GOATS !!!!

Found a brochure in the lobby for a goat walk and the wife and daughter wanted to do it.

Took a nice hour long walk through the woods with some goats.


Most vacations I lose a little weight because I don’t eat 3 squares and usually do a lot of walking.  Even though I did a lot of walking, I think I gained some pounds, too many french fries.

Victory Cafe

This was lunch on the first day in downtown Galena.


Egg Salad on a croissant.  Really not impressed. very, very bland egg salad.  It also took over 30 minutes to get our food after taking the order.


This was the restaurant at the lodge.


The first night I had the “Walleye Strips.”  These were really good


Second night I had the “Angus Brisket Burger.”  It was a burger with beef brisket.  I don’t like having stuff piled on top of my burger but when I order something like this, I take the topping off and have kind of a mini second entree.  The burger was good, the brisket was great and they had just the right kind of BBQ sauce.

The service was fantastic.  I can’t recall dining anywhere that the food came out faster than here.


Ahh, “Vacation Beer.”  Blue Moon on tap was the special it it was good !!!


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