“Chuck The Wonder Dog”

1980-1986 was a really good time for “good bad” movies.  I really love dumb movies that aren’t pretentious are nothing but clever, dumb chuckles.

This movie is 1984’s “Up The Creek.”

Starring Tim Matheson and Jennifer Runyon.  A bunch of college slackers and goof offs are roped into competing in an intercollegiate raft race. Really?!?! And then the hilarity ensues.

I really, really,really thought Jennifer Runyon was HOOOOOOOTTTTT !!! She was hot in the “Brady Bunch” TV movies and in the TV show, “Charles in Charge.”  Yes, I watched “Charles in Charge” and I really enjoyed it.  Scot Baio and Willy Aames were a great acting duo.

OK, back to “Up The Creek” and one of my favorite bits from the movie starring “Chuck The Wonder Dog.”

You can watch the whole clip, but I’m going to start it in progress:

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