My First Chick-Fil-A

Chick-Fil-A moved into my area probably 10 years ago and I had never taken the opportunity to eat there.  We had some errands to run and my daughter wanted to eat at Chick-fil-a so we did. (She’s eaten there before)

I ordered a # 1:


First, I didn’t like that the chicken sammich was served in a foil bag.  Seriously?  That’s just going to steam the bun to mush and uncrisp the fried chicken.  The waffle fries were great.

Not saying this was a bad sammich, but it didn’t really impress me.  Oh, I will definitely be going back and trying some more food and hopefully it will impress me !!

7 comments on “My First Chick-Fil-A

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  2. Mark Reardon says:

    Try the sausage egg and cheese breakfast biscuit. So good your heart will pause

  3. Cc says:

    Order the chicken sandwich without pickles, it will be made when you order. They are a lot better then.

  4. Critter says:

    They have a 30 piece box of nuggets. Very worth it if you’re hungry. 🙂

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