Hollywood In Toto:

The eight-years-too-late “Caddyshack II” was an instant bomb in 1988 and time has not been kind. In fact, whereas camp classics like “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo” “Mannequin Too: On The Move” and “Teen Wolf Too” have nostalgia-fueled apologists, the return of Chevy Chase and an ill-behaved gopher (and no one else from the original cast) has been stuck in a cinematic sand trap purgatory since the day it opened.

The plot is a lazy remake of the original, but here goes: Jackie Mason replaces Rodney Dangerfield, playing Jack Hartounian, an outspoken, wealthy and “lovable” clod who is unwelcome at the posh Bushwood Country Club.


I can’t say that Caddyshack II is the worst sequel ever, but it is in the top 3 for sequels to one of the best comedys of the 1980’s.

Awful !!

Caddy II is a perfect example of why I generally dislike to general idea of making sequels.

“Lethal Weapon” is a classic !! The next 14 sequels just sucked.  The original premise of was completely lost and it then just became a subpar action/comedy/buddy flick.

Other bad sequels:

Indiana Jones and The Temple of  Doom.  Add a weak chick and a kid and a social message?

Home Alone II and III.  The original premise was good, but crikeys, can’t Hollywood come up with something original?

Die Hard II,III,IV.  Original premise lost !

Mannequin 2.  Really not fair to have this on the list because Mannequin I was horrible.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2.  Should be called “Steve Martin needs a paycheck.”

The Sting II.  Jackie Gleason??? WHY !!!???!!!

Police Academy sequels, all of them.

John Wick II & III.   Yeah, going to catch a lot of flack, but the first movie was the best because of the original premise.


BUT !!!

There are always exceptions and there are some great sequels.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.  Great humor and Sean Connery killed it !!

Dawn of the Dead.  This was actually better than The Night of the Living Dead.

The Road Warrior.  Mad Max was a good “B” movie but Road Warrior turned that up to “11”.

Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan.  Probably the best of the Star Trek films.