Nope and Hell Nope !!!



Getting tired of the trump drones telling me that if I don’t vote for trump, it’s a vote for hillary and if she gets elected, it’s my fault (yeah, like I have that kind of power!!)

Getting tired of being told I have to choose the lesser of two evils.

Kind of like the choice between a shit sandwich or a shit sandwich with cheese.




4 comments on “Nope and Hell Nope !!!

    • Matthew W says:

      Do you mean they are expecting a plethora of Americans coming if trump wins?

      • trixfred30 says:

        Yes i guess that’s what is going to happen. But right now something far more important is happening. Eurovision. Global Cultural Highlight. Google it.

      • Matthew W says:

        The good news for Canadians is that American liberals are well known liars, renegers and welchers. The same folk that are threatening to go to Canada during a trump Presidency are the same people that promised to go during the second term of GWB (and they didn’t leave)

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