Homemade Butter

Butter is one of the best words in the English language because it starts with “B”. (Think for yourself all of the greatest things on the planet that starts with “B”.)

I saw a recipe in the newspaper for making homemade butter. Really pretty simple. Pour cream into a food processor, turn it on until it turns to butter. No one could screw that up, right????
The recipe suggests using “Heavy cream without stabilizers (agar or carrageenan). The stabilizers are often used in “Ultra-pasteurized” heavy cream and gives the butter a flat taste. Now in America, the Storm Trooper Food Police make almost all dairy products be super dooper pasteurized (for our own protection). I did not have time to look around for non ultra-pasteurized cream so I bought what I could at the local grocery store.


Again, pretty simple, just two items.

The recipe said one quart of cream would make one pound of butter, so I poured all of the cream in.

Do you see the “Liquid Max Fill” line on the food processor???
I never knew there was such !!
Apparently most people only notice that fill line until after it has been over filled.
I was too busy cleaning up to take a picture of it. I removed about half of the cream and did two batches.

There it is !
The liquid that separated would be considered buttermilk.
I used the buttermilk in the mashed potatoes that I made on Thanksgiving

If you have only ever had industrially manufactured butter, this might look kind of funky.


I made a patty out of each batch and pressed it in cheese cloth to remove most of the liquid.

Well, there it is. Pretty simple indeed and I learned about the “Max fill” line.

From what I was told, the butter tasted good. (Except for putting one patty in the mashed potatoes, I did not eat the butter or even taste it plain.)
Unless you want to make a special compound or flavored butter, I don’t think there is any need to make your own butter. The quart of cream I bought was almost $8.00 and the day before, I bought a pound of butter for $3.00.
But, this was kind of like a cool science experiment and I think I will do it again !!!


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