Acquaviva Winery

There is an interesting restaurant/winery near Maple Park, Illinois:

I remember a number of years ago when they started this vineyard, they had a very big problem with the birds.  Never did hear as to how they finally dealt with the birds, but since they are producing wine, it must have worked.

Through a bit of good fortune, I was given a gift certificate to dine at their restaurant.  Since I’m not one to pass up a free meal, we went for my wife’s birthday dinner.  From looking at the menu, I thought this was going to be 1) expensive and 2) very fancy.

The menu:

Most of these prices are well beyond my normal dining out experiences !!!

Here is our bill for the night:


That’s not the biggest tab I’ve ever had for dinner for two.  There was a Brazilian steak house that was much higher.

I had the “Zuppa di Mare.”

Not sure what that means in Italian, but I can guess that it loosely means “bucket of seafood.”


This picture doesn’t convey as to how large this plate of food was !!!


The wife ordered the “Patagonian toothfish.”


Never had Patagonian toothfish before??

Patagonian Toothfish Via Wiki

Man that’s one nasty ugly fish !

Not too many people would order Patagonian toothfish, but if you changed the name to “Chilean Sea Bass”, you can make it trendy and charge a pretty hefty price for it.


The wife and I both agreed that each of our entrees could have been a half serving for half the price.

Here is the empty clam and mussel shells.


I had a small cup of burnt coffee for desert.


The wife had the Tiramisu.


The idea of “leftovers”from a restaurant is a totally foreign concept to me. In fact, when we were leaving the restaurant, my wife had to remind me that I left my “doggy bag” on the table and I had to go back for it.


But I did have enough leftover to take to work for lunch.  Even after being in the microwave, the pasta and the calamari were still not over done.  If you look in center of the red square, you can see a tentacle from the polpi.

You can see from the bill that it was expensive, but what about being “fancy?”

I was dressed to the nines, even my 10 year old noticed and said “Daddy looks pretty.”  This was one of the few times in my life that I was overdressed. There were people at the restaurant wearing flannel and jeans !!

It was a very fine dinner and a nice place to be.  They have an al fresco area for when it’s warmer and I think it would be nice to go back and tray a few other less expensive items.  Maybe even try the wine.

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