Sushi Pirate, Yaaaarrrrrrrr

There is a “new” sushi joint in my neighborhood.

I say “new” because it’s been there quite a while and I’ve only now had the interest to go there.


We decided to go out on a Sunday afternoon for a quick lunch and we picked Sushi Pirate.


HELLO !!!!!!!!

Why am I looking at an empty plate ???

I can’t believe I went out for sushi and didn’t bring my own chop sticks.


Mmmmmmmm, pot stickers !! I’m used to eating frozen pot stickers from Trader Joe’s and these were really good and really fresh.


The wife ordered her usual “Chicago” roll. (Boring !!!)


I’ve had “Volcano” rolls and many different places and this is the only place that presented like this. It was very good and the sauce was fantastic.

We were there on a Sunday, mid afternoon and there were only about 10 other customers there.  The service was fine, the food good and the prices were about what should be expected. I will definitely give the Pirate another go for dinner.


2 comments on “Sushi Pirate, Yaaaarrrrrrrr

  1. Carolyn Chan says:

    Matthew, it’s been a while since I’ve visited your blog (sorry!) and how shocked was I when the first thing I read is you visiting a SUSHI restaurant ?? haha You know it’s good for you – just doesn’t give the same joy as bacon, does it ?? 🙂

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