Happy Thanksgiving 2013

Well, this is at least a more timely holiday post than some of my previous holiday posts.

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.  I don’t know why, but for some reason, it seemed anti climatic.  (But then what should my expectations be?)

It might be that since I am in the envious position of having a plethora of time off due, that I “had ” to take the entire holiday week off. I finished  my food shopping Tuesday and since I didn’t have to deal with any of the normal holiday clusterflops at work, perhaps that is why it just didn’t feel too “thanksgivingly” to me.

Due to some of the usual issues with my mother, my parents did dinner at their house with a couple of my other brothers and sisters and we had my in-laws over here.  My wife’s family from Washington DC were planning to drive out but they canceled  that due to the hyperbole of the media about the nonexistent UNPRECEDENTED SUPER STORM that never materialized.  (It’s getting so much more difficult to take the media seriously any more.)

But anywho, here’s dinner  !!!!!

Just wanted a shot of some of the fixin’s before I got working and neglect to get photos.


Must have mashed potatoes !!

Not going to do all ten pounds, the store had a special for $1.49 for a ten pound bag.


I culled out most of the smaller ones and will save the larger ones for baked potatoes later in the week.


This is actually about 1/3 less than I normally do.  My in-laws are not big eaters and my wife and daughter don’t eat too many leftovers so I had to think about how long I wanted to eat leftover mashed potatoes.  (The answer was the Sunday following!)

I goofed up a bit since I made a smaller batch, I still put in three cloves of garlic and it was a bit strong.


A little appetizer made of chili sauce, shrimp and cream cheese.


That gets spread on your favorite cracker.



And since we have crackers, we need cheese.  Some nice swiss and colby


Kinda simple, that’s how it is at Casa del Bacon.



I did the ham on the grill outside.

The burnt looking parts is just the outer fat and skin layer.

Did I mention PORK???


Pretty much the whole spread.  Had some homemade bread too.


OK, On Friday the dinner was fried ham.  That’s about all the ham the wife and daughter can take for the week.  On Saturday, I had ham sandwiches with a little of that good swiss cheese.


Later on Saturday I turned the rest of the ham into ham salad  (unseen is the split pea and ham soup I made on Thursday after dinner) and this would be the end of the ham..


Please take note of the extremely unusual use of measuring devices here.  Normally when I make egg, tuna, ham salad, it’s just “some of this, a little of that”, but this time I am using an actual recipe !!!


All of the “wet” ingredients mixed up and the chopped ham.  I made a special effort to remove as much of the fatty bits form the ham and it made a big difference in texture coming out of the food processor.


It made a pretty big batch.  I had quite a bit of ham to use up so I had to double the recipe.  What the wife and daughter don’t eat for dinner on Saturday will be my lunch at work until it’s gone.


I have to say, this turned out really good !!!

Christmas dinner is just around the corner.


4 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving 2013

  1. cmblake6 says:

    I’m happy your meal was good, looked fantastic!

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