Making Bacon

For a number of years, I had watched several TV cooking shows that used pork belly and the recipes all looked great.  My  grocery store does not carry pork belly and when I asked, they couldn’t even order it (Unless I wanted to buy a pallet of it !!)

But a small local store near me was able to order a 3 pound piece of pork belly for me.


So I picked picked up my pork belly.  I had never purchased pork belly before but $3.20 a pound seemed to be a fine price.


I had looked at a number of online directions for homemade bacon, and they all seemed to be about the same.



Black Pepper

Coarse salt


All the ingredients get rubbed on to the pork belly.


The seasoned pork belly goes into a zip style plastic bag.


The pork belly stayed in the bag and in the fridge for seven days, and was turned over once a day.

I rinsed the pork belly off in the sink and patted it dry.


The oven was heated to 200 degrees and cooked until the internal temperature was 150 degrees.


Once fully cooled, I moved it to the cutting board.


Skin side up.


You can see how thick the skin was.

The skin was removed and used later in making soup.


The pork belly gets wrapped in wax paper and refrigerated.


I actually waited a day before I attempted to cut it and cook it.

I was surprised with my patience !!


So nice thick slabs of fresh, homemade bacon !!!


Into the cast iron frying pan.


Hey, it looks like bacon !!!

But that’s were the disappointment hit me.

It didn’t taste like bacon at all.  It just tasted like salted pork


So, I cut a few more slabs.


Into the frying pan again and it still didn’t taste like bacon.


I even tossed some of it on the grill and it just tasted like pork.


That’s what was left.


I cubed it up and into the frying pan.


This ended up going into my split pea soup and it was very good.  But it didn’t taste like bacon !!

OK, so what did I do wrong or what do I need to do different to make it the next time and make it taste like bacon??

9 comments on “Making Bacon

  1. trixfred30 says:

    It sure looks like bacon. I dont think you are supposed to cook it after youve brined it. Supposed to smoke it to dry it out but not cook it. Then you slice it and fry it – so you kind of cooked your’s twice?

  2. Andrew says:

    You need to smoke it.

    • Matthew W says:

      I tried, but I couldn’t keep it lit.

      Seriously, this is the recipe I’ve seen numerous times on the internet and they all said they have bacon success with it.

  3. Andrew says:

    Get a Big Chief Smoker, or a Little Chief, new or used, or reverse engineer one for free.


    Sugar pumpkin seeds go into a sauté pan with bacon end pieces on medium heat, add some maple syrup after they look happy and the bacon is crispy add Jack Daniels.

    Watch out for flames, I noticed your gas burners.


  4. Andrew says:

    Come visit Washington State, we smoke everything out here…

  5. grayjohn says:

    Bacon is cured. Pork belly isn’t.

  6. just made this again last night…i’ll be posting about my VERY ODD experience with this certain slab of pork belly ASAP. so glad everybody enjoys this as much as i do. thanks for reporting back.

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