Really Cheap Chicken Soup

It may be hard to believe, but even I get lucky once in a while.

I went to my local groceria to order a slab of pork belly and they always have a frozen bunker of marked down meat.  The meat at this store is usually higher price than most of the chain stores (but also a higher quality), so the items in the bunker aren’t often much of a savings.

But I found two packages of chicken necks (Yeah, not many people get too excited finding chicken necks) marked at 8 cents a pound !!!! WOOOOOOO !!!


24 cents !!!!!!


I think at the time that I was making this batch of soup, it was particularly warm, and as a favor to the rest of the family, I cooked it outside on my gas grill to keep from adding extra heat to the inside of the house.


You caught me, I added vegetables.


Non meat ingredients.


Veggies going in for a hot bath


Now, if you didn’t already know, would you recognize these as chicken necks?


That’s a fair amount of meat that came off the necks.

Now, I was in a bit of a hurry to finish making this batch of soup and what I should have done was wait until the necks cooled down.  As it was, they were still pretty hot and I wasn’t able to clean the meat off any better.


Big pile of bones !!

This ended up making a very good batch of soup that was my lunch for a week.


2 comments on “Really Cheap Chicken Soup

  1. Carolyn Chan says:

    That is one cheap soup ! I can get chicken carcasses here from the butcher which I do the same thing with – the flavour is in the bones anyway, right?

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