A Glorious Day In Feminista History

On this day in 1995, Shannon Faulkner became a full time cadet at The Citadel.  One week later, she quit.  She lasted one freakin’ day.


“Shannon, 20, announced Friday that she was leaving The Citadel, where she’d spent only one week. She had fought for 2 1/2 years to join the all-male military school, in Charleston, S.C. But by Friday, she’d had enough. Monday, during grueling drills in 100-degree heat – the new cadets, were learning to salute, march and follow orders – Shannon got sick. (Other cadets got sick during the week, too.) She stayed in the infirmary until Friday.”

One freakin’ day

I am no fan of feminism because it is not about bettering women, it’s about three things:

1     Abortion

2     Liberalism

3     Abortion

That’s why feministas will continue supporting people like Bill Clinton (serial woman abuser and Presidential sexual harasser).

Remember this quote:

“I’d be happy to give him [oral sex] just to thank him for keeping abortion legal.”

4 comments on “A Glorious Day In Feminista History

  1. mattross1968 says:

    I remember that quote. Seems that even the feminazis have their price.

  2. Dave says:

    See ya. Peace, bro.

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