Gone Fishing

My contract requires that I work holidays, so I had to work on Memorial Day.  But I do get to pick another day to have off.  My daughter wanted to go fishing, so I took the day off and we went fishing.

This is the first time that she has gone fishing.


Fantastic day.

No rain.

No wind.

Light cloud cover.

No bugs.


It only took about fifteen minutes for me to hook the first fish.

I hooked it and let my daughter reel it in.

Tracey Hooey

This was the only fish that my daughter caught by herself.  She was quite thrilled.

I was amazed at how well my daughter did for the day.  She did not complain, did not get distracted,  did not get unfocused.

We were there for almost 2 1/2 hours and only then did she “complain” that she was hungry.  So we packed it in and went to McDonald’s.


One comment on “Gone Fishing

  1. Rowena Wooten says:

    I was really suprised with this place after reading the reviews. A relatively short menu with mostly sandwiches with a variety of meats and breads. I had the steak sandwich which was to be served on a french roll with blue cheese and a horseradish based sauce. What I received was a very small french roll (about 2″ wide in the middle X 5″ or so long) with a thin slice of not-so lean meat covered with grilled onions plus a couple of fried onion rings. The only discernable taste was the onions and the grease from the rings. A side of slaw came with the sandwich which was almost totally devoid of any taste. My partner had the fish tacos which she said weren’t very good and had the same tasteless slaw topping. She also commented that the fish tacos were much better at Burrito Express. We also had coffe, very run of the mill. The bill for this lunch was $25.05 plus tip plus we waited about 30-40 minutes for our food.

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