Camel Orgasm !!!

All righty then !!

That was an attention grabber.

Now if you made it  this far and are going to stay, just be glad that there will not be any accompanying photos.

If you are of about my age and went to movies when much, much younger, you will be surprised to find out that you know something, that you did not know!!

I’ll bet you didn’t know that was the sound of camel “bliss”!!!!!

As a side note, my older brother was going to the University of Arizona  when they were filming this.  He did not end up in any of the group scenes, but he did get to hang out with Donald Gibb (aka Ogre) and said he was a pretty cool guy to hang out with.

“Revenge of The Nerds” and “Porky’s” were two of the greatest films form that era.