Assorted Eating Out

Over the past (insert time period here), we have had dinner out. Just a few photos of the aforementioned dining experiences:


A night out at Applebee’s.  I had the Riblet basket and fries.  It was fine, but I should have had a hamburger.

At Applebee’s there was a new appetizer, “Applebee’s Green Bean Crispers”.

“A shareable stack of green beans, battered, seasoned and lightly fried. Served with two sauces – cool and creamy BBQ bacon ranch and a zesty horseradish.”

They tasted pretty good, not too “green beany”


Another night out at Applebee’s.  This time it was the “Hand-Battered Fish & Chips”.

They were pretty good but I should have had the hamburger.


This time we ate at “Buona Beef”.  This was a gosh darn good meatball sandwich.

Hamburgers were not an option at this restaurant.


As a token of appreciation by someone at work, I was given a gift card to Chili’s.  Trying something different, I had the “Crispy Honey-Chipotle Chicken Crispers®”.  They were “OK”, but I should have had the hamburger.


We ordered the “Skillet Queso” appetizer.  Pretty good.


Because we had a coupon for a free appetizer, we also ordered the “Texas Cheese Fries”.  These were definitely sub par.

This dining experience was also marred by a customer service issue that I wish that I would have pursued.


Ahhh, good old “Luigi’s Pizza”.  This is a very local pizza and game room.  Almost always a great  pie.


A night out at Portillo’s.  I had the hamburger.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Portillos! You’re a Northern Illinoisan like me! Thanks for stopping by my blog – I’m looking forward to reading through your posts. I love food! 🙂

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