New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year !!

I figured out early in life that every day is the beginning of a “new year” and that December 31st was just an arbitrary Western  starting point.

Oh well, many people do enjoy it anyway.

When I was a small boy growing up in the middle of a cornfield, my parents would often host a New Year”s Eve party for half a dozen or so of their friends at our house.  There would be drinking, smoking, playing cards, cute little hors d’oeuvres.  There would be a small crowd of kids all within a couple of years of me there too.  For the kids, it was exciting to to be able to stay up until midnight and blow horns and make all kinds of noise that would normally we would get in trouble making !!

One of the “traditions” for myself that came of these parties was that every year one of the six television channels we got would play Marx Brothers movies all night.  Oh, there were some remarkable New Year’s Eve events in my life.  30 some years ago I fell in love with the “love of my life” on a New Year’ Eve and there were a couple of parties with the best man at my wedding that are historic and epic.  But since I am the world’s least interesting person, I am usually home by 9 pm and I usually end up watching a classic movie.  I had a hankering to watch “Casablanca” but still have not bought the Blu Ray yet.  But I did buy a copy of “Papillon” earlier this year and it was one of those movies that I had seen a dozen or so times, but never from start to finish.

New Year’s Resolutions:

Always thought that they were silly to make but here are my two………………..

Spend less money

Lose weight


I am writing this as I am on my way to the Chinese buffet and then to Best Buy to get a new laptop.  The rest of the year will be so much easier with those silly resolutions out of the way.


2 comments on “New Year’s Eve

  1. Dave says:

    Best to you and yours in the new year (that starts every day), Matthew!

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