Does Pleasure Have Value?

When I am asked what I want for my birthday or for Christmas gifts, I always say “nothing.”  And I do mean it.  I’m not someone who really enjoys receiving gifts.  And from my own family, I don’t want people to spend money on something for me because they might feel obliged to have to give a gift.

As always, the story has a ‘But” coming in it.

Just trolling around at, I found this:


Heck, just the name alone makes me want it !!!

I know that this type of beer making device would not enable me to make quality micro brews, but gosh darn it !!!  It just sounds like a whole lot of fun (Fun for the entire family !!)

Should I drop some hints??


3 comments on “Does Pleasure Have Value?

  1. cmblake6 says:

    We have a Mr. Beer kit we got for making beer, and it is quite good! You can get pretty creative with your own beer making. And we got one in clear color for making cider. Oh, buddy the stuff you can make with that! And then you might want to look at or FUN!!!!!!!!!

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