Thanksgiving Dinner

For no particular reason, I chose to make a ham this year.  The traditional American Thanksgiving is good, but it can be better with pork.


Here’s “The Ham of Truth” after being on the grill outside for about 3 hours.

Oh, those burned bits of pork are the best !!!


My daughter “made” some pumpkin bread.

A shrimp dip appetizer.  Cream cheese spread out with chili sauce and tiny shrimp. (On crackers)

Pepper Jack and Colby cheese with smoked oysters. (or as I call them, bacon of the sea) YUM !!!

This is “Squashy”.  My daughters little sister.

As always, I was too busy doing a lot of the cooking  so I don’t have photos of the rolls, mashed potatoes and squash.

This was dinner on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Here is dinner on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My daughter loves fried ham, but she was tried of it at this point !!

The wife made a Potato Galette.  If you have never had this, it’s kind of like a fried potato pie.  What’s not to like???

I still had a good amount of ham leftover on Sunday, so I made a double batch of my split pea soup.

I soaked the peas over night and even though the directions on the package said you didn’t have to soak them, they seemed to cook much faster and they creamed up better.


Mmmmm, adding the last of the ham.

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  1. cmblake6 says:

    You beast. Here’s me, thinking I need to shed about 30 lbs or so, and you put up stuff like this for temptation. BAH!

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