Felony Jail Time for The Godfather???

We can alwyas hope…..


Mayor Rahm Emanuel, at a Monday news conference, didn’t like questions about whether his press office had recorded reporters’ conversations without first seeking their consent.
That’s a big no-no under the Illinois Eavesdropping Act, one of the toughest two-party consent laws in the country.

One woman, Annabel Melongo, spent 20 months in Cook County Jail before a judge finally freed her.

Her crime: She had recorded a couple of phone calls with a court clerk. We’re talking felony, folks.

Emanuel, invoking “Will” Shakespeare, dismissed such bothersome questions about his press office doing the same as “much ado about nothing.”

“Much ado about nothing”
Yep, nothing to see here, just another Democrat getting a pass..

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  1. cmblake6 says:

    What do these creatures honestly believe they are? As your header said, Godfather? Mafia? Thugs by any other name?

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