You now own it.
You own:

Taxamegeddon on January 1st
An exploding and expanding budget deficit
The stagnant economy
America as a welfare state
A Senate that hasn’t passed a budget in 4 years (and won’t for another 4 years)

These and many other good things are what you now own. Put your big boy underwear on and stop complaining that it’s someone else’s fault.

My free advice to Congressional Republicans:

Oppose them on everything. We see what happens with “bipartisanship” and working with Democrats gets for America.

Become the biggest and baddest bastards on the face of the planet with the Benghazi investigation, up to and including impeachment !!!!!

Tea Party, I think we need to vote in 2014 like our lives depend on it.



  1. Matthew W says:

    And meanwhile, the Republic crumbles.

  2. cmblake6 says:

    Well, it will be painful but it should be a hell of a wake up call!

  3. These are students from colleges, high schools and universities throughout the world.

    Although everyone thought that their city or world would cease to exist, that was
    not the actuality. t walk into the grocery store
    without being asked if I.

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