Danica Patrick Crashes Herself


If you are a feminista, a feminazi, a man with low testosterone and/0r small testicles, you may incorrectly interpret this post as sexist.

“Danica Patrick Crashes Herself”

That’s a redundant statement.

Danica Patrick Crashes Herself And Landon Cassill At Kansas City

“Danica Patrick let her frustration with Landon Cassill get the worst of her as she wrecked both hers and Cassill’s stock cars during Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series race at Kansas Speedway.

Patrick drove into turn one at lap 155 right on Cassill’s rear bumper. She maintained contact with him through the turn, moving him up the track, reports Yahoo! News.

While her message was certainly delivered, the GoDaddy.com driver got more than she bargained for, sending both cars into a spin. When Patrick attempted to correct the spin, she backed up into the wall, ending her day.”

Now, when you read Danica’s Wiki bio:


You can see that she has only won one race in her career and that was because the leader ran out of gas. ( OK, like my freshman football coach said”I don’t care if we beat Sister Mary’s House of the Poor, A win is a win”)

My question is, If Danica looked liked Martina Navratilova or Billie Jean King but didn’t win…………. would anyone have any interest in her??