Free Food

A short time ago, I was rewarded (off the books) for a project that had incredible results.

And that reward was a “Chili’s Gift card”

So the family had a couple of dinners at Chili’s

The first time it was just a classic bacon cheese burger.  Bacon and cheese is about the limit to the amount of “stuff” that gets piled on a burger for me.  Good thick apple wood bacon.

The next dinner we had, the wife suggested we get the “2 for $20” deal.  A shared appetizer and two entrees.

We had the “Crispy Onion String & Jalapeño Stack”.

Now, there are nanny state ninnys that get enjoyment from telling others not to enjoy themselves:

Well, screw them.

We ate it and enjoyed it a lot !!!

Dang, those Jalapeño’s are hot !!

“Beer wench, fetch me a stein!!”

And I got the dry rub ribs.

I like ribs, but every time that I order ribs, I always end up thinking that I should have just got the burger !!  Food regrets !

What was really neat (and new to me) was a small electronic device at the table that you could use to pay.

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