AT&T Customer “Service”

Ok, here are the prelims:

I have had AT&T services for over 20 years.

Land line


Wireless phones

I pay about $140 a month to AT&T for these services.

A few months ago I saw that AT&T raised my DSL price from $30 to $33.  I personally think that DSL/internet service is worth about $25 to me.

So at that time I went on to their website and tried to get my price lowered.  Currently DSL is being offered for $14.95.  AT&T makes it a little hard for a customer to make contact with them for help.  I finally got around to making a serious effort to work out this issue.

In the first place, I had to go through 4 different customer service reps to get help.  I explained to “Maurice” that I was a long term, multi service using customer and that I would like to have my DSL cost reduced.  Well, I was told that only bundlers getting U-Verse service qualify for the $14.95 price.  I asked if there was a supervisor that I could speak to and “Maurice” said “Yes, but he will tell you the same thing”.

After a couple more minutes of chit chat, “Maurice ” told me that what he could do for me was to give me a $5 a month credit, lowering my DSL to $28.   With no other options, that’s what I accepted.

I’m not happy with AT&T

“We Don’t Care. We’re the Phone Company. We Don’t Have To”


3 comments on “AT&T Customer “Service”

  1. omanuel says:

    I encountered the same problem also.

    AT&T raised my monthly bill for DSL from $19.95 to $33.00 to >$50.00 and threatens to disconnect me each month because I refused to pay more that $24.95, the amount I thought we had agreed on verbally.

    AT&T seems to be part of the totalitarian one-world government we are trying to get rid of.

    I will try to copy this and sent it to AT&T.

  2. McKenna says:

    Gad, I hate AT&T. Even wrote the president of the company and his secretary emailed me. I switched to Sprint. I’m sooooo much happier.

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