“Combat or Crime?”

Four seconds in Afghanistan:

Second 1: A figure dressed in dark, bulky clothing emerges.

Second 2: The figure begins walking toward the trunk.

Second 3: Taylor, with five wounded comrades behind him, sees a thin trigger wire seeming to snake directly toward the black car. Could there be a second bomb in the trunk?

Second 4: Taylor squeezes the trigger on his M-4 carbine. The figure crumples to the dirt.

It was just after Sgt Taylor’s convoy was hit by a roadside bomb.

Tragically, it was not an insurgent, but a civilian. (A Doctor, which in itself shouldn’t matter, but may have influenced the criminal charge)

This event occurred in July 2011 and this was the first that I had heard of it.

Now, part of me wanted to make this a post about the obvious left leaning bias of the MSM because had this happened during the Bush years, I have no doubt that this would have been headline news for weeks/months, much like the infamous Haditha event.

Civilian deaths have skyrocketed since Obama took office and I have no doubt that the people of Afghanistan were out raged that yet another civilian was killed and that she was a Dr.  Since the military in America is controlled by civilians, they are unfortunately subject to the vagaries of politics and I have no doubt that Sgt Walter Taylor was charged with a crime because of such.

It is a shame.

Sgt Taylor is a dedicated American soldier and does not deserve this treatment.


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