An Upcoming Lifestyle Change/Experiment

Far too often I find myself sitting on the easy chair and the television is on acting mostly as “background” noise.  I’m either too bored to watch anything or there is nothing good on.  I probably have other things to do, but I just sit there with the television on.

I would rather us (the family) watch less television in general.

I have an unlimited amount of small home improvement projects to do.

I have several genealogy projects and history research and writing to do.

Books to read, old time radio shows to listen to……………………………

Same for the wife and daughter.

So, my DirecTV contract expires in September and I am thinking about NOT renewing it and NOT subscribing to either cable or any other satellite service.

I’ve been in my house for 20 years and we started out with cable.  I never had any complaints about the service, but it just became too expensive for the value I was getting for it.

I had Dish Network for two years, again I did not have any complaints about the service, but when the contract ran out, I switched to DirecTV because I could get a better rate for a year before the price going to normal for the second year.

I currently pay $70 dollars a month for a “basic plus” package.

I doubt that the family couldn’t go cold turkey on eliminating television so I am considering either subscribing to Netflixor Hulu Plus.  Each of those are less than $10 a month.  I’d be ecstatic to save $60 a month !!(beer and steak money)

I may have to spend $100-$150 for some type of “receiver” for either service I would choose.

I need to investigate both online services and learn about what technology that I need to do this.

Any ideas????

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  1. scroungelady says:

    You won’t miss all the electronic jabber. We purchased a Roku for $50 from Amazon. It works with your internet router and the TV. You can get Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video plus other items without paying an access fee. Acutally once you unplug, you won’t miss having the TV on constantly. You can purchase a satellite antenna without going through the satellite TV services. Life is much better without that electronic junk beamed into your home. More money for beer and steak, yes!

    • Matthew W says:

      Roku is one of the devices that I am looking into now. I would prefer to have one that is hard wired instead of wireless since my modem/router is underground and several walls and floors away.

  2. Dave says:

    I have never paid for cable or satellite for exactly the reason you mentioned… $500+ dollars a year buys lots of beer (and steak).

    You didn’t mentioned broadcast digital TV, but I’m really happy with the expanded broadcast television available since the U.S. converted to digital televison. In my area, the number of channels increased from 6 analog to 15 digital channels. Many markets carry national content like CreateTV (DIY, cooking, etc.) and MeTV (reruns, sitcoms.)
    There’s a really nice “TV guide” sort of web site, for free:

    You can select which paid service you have, or just “Broadcast Stations.” Part of what’s great about this web site is that it doesn’t show channels you don’t get (which is always my annoyance with cable/satellite services), so you’ll never know (or care) what you’re “missing.”

    I don’t use the Internet-based services like Netflix, but my friends use it in combination with their video game systems (e.g., Wii and Xbox) to display on their TV. You can also buy the service to watch just on your computer too, if you want to try it out there before investing in a set-top device to play it on your TV.

  3. trixfred30 says:

    God I couldnt live without cable (I need it anyway for internet) but for this first time they wrote me a letter saying ‘your bill is going up £5’ and didnt offer me anything – no new channels, no more bandwidth. Just shoved up the price. Unfortuntely the alternative is Sky satellite and no way am I becoming part of Murdoch’s Evil Empire

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