Pik Kai Yat Sai

I found this appetizer while reading the Chicago Tribune today:


Angel wings: At Edgewater’s Jin Thai, chef Jin Roongseang has engineered a feat of structural marvel. She takes minced chicken, bean thread noodles, cabbage and carrots, and stuffs the filling into a deboned chicken wing (with tip still attached). It’s then deep fried in a light, tempura-style batter and served alongside a sweet chili sauce, like a cross between sriracha and mae ploy. Granted, this appetizer (“Pik Kai Yat Sai” in Thai) is far more prevalent in American Thai restaurants than Thai restaurants in Thailand, but it brings together two of the guiltiest indulgences — egg rolls and fried chicken wings — into one mutant, addictive package. The most impressive part is how they make it: The two parallel bones on the wing must be removed while keeping the meat intact. Is this difficult to do when the chicken is still raw? Said chef Roongseang: “Oh yes.”

Now, I think I have pretty good knife skills in the kitchen, but I have never boned a chicken wing.  But having read this, I am going to definetly buy some wings and see what I can do with them !




3 comments on “Pik Kai Yat Sai

  1. Dave says:

    Hi Matthew! I checked out the videos on youtube (“deboning chicken wings”)… I’ve seen people do this with cooked wings, e.g.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IYbuJCCwOoA
    but there are some videos of deboning raw wings too, e.g.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hotbvaldw7s

    It doesn’t looks like something you get right the first time, but at least there’s some encouragement that it’s possible. 🙂

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