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That Pork belly taco looks incredible !!!

Manbque Rules:

  • Only men attend Man B Que.
  • Vegetarians are not allowed at Man B Que. (Unless they bring us meat…or allow us to throw tomatoes and eggs at them)
  • Any vegetables served at Man B Que must be within the tight parameters of meat in the form of a kabob
  • Man B Que should only be held during the week. Weekends are for Coed B Ques where there is a slight chance of actually going home with a woman
  • No less than 4 different meats are to be served at Man B Que. There is a maximum of 17 ½ meats* allowed. *Processed meats such as non-beef hot dogs and gyro meat count as a ½ meat.
  • You must bring enough meat to share with fellow Man B Que attendees… Unless you killed it, then you can bring the one piece for yourself.
  • You must also bring enough beers to share. Trading of beers is only allowed if beers being traded are of equal value and taste. Be aware that your beer is a reflection of you and you will probably be judged based on your selection.
  • The grill at the Man B Que must always be in use, with no less than 3 pieces of meat being cooked.
  • Loose fitting attire is encouraged at Man B Que; sweatpants or basketball shorts being the suggested attire.
  • Pets are allowed at Man B Que; pit bulls, dinosaurs, gorillas and great white sharks being the preferred variety.
  • Swords and power tools are encouraged to be on hand at Man B Que, but not necessary.
  • There shall be no use of utensils at Man B Que unless it’s a grilling tool.
  • You must shout at Man B Que.
  • Always exaggerate at Man B Que.
  • There is no asking at Man B Que; there is only taking.
  • The only accepted greeting, form of encouragement or sign of appreciation at Man B Que is a shout of “MAN B QUE!”
  • Guests at Man B Que must directly be invited by a presiding member of the Man B Que committee. If not invited, aspiring guests must attempt to bribe the committee with alcohol, meat or gold. (This will not guarantee entry into Man B Que, but it’s a start)
  • When referring to a female life partner, a woman you are currently having “relations” with, a woman who has bore your spawn or any other woman (not blood related) whom you let into your living space more than twice a week, you must refer to this woman as “My Old Lady.”
  • No emotions shall be present at Man B Que*. This being said, insults, false accusations and any other derogatory comments aimed at Man B Que invitees are strongly encouraged.

4 comments on “Manbque

  1. Damn…I can’t throw a Manbque…too many more important things like kids and women…

    However, I am in ‘training’. Bacon Time style.

    As I was crumbling up bacon, imbedding it in pancake batter (infused with a hint of yellow cake mix,btw)… I looked over at my butt (pork butt defrosting with a dry rub)…I thought to myself “Hey…its like Bacontime!!!!!”

    So your post was timely Matthew. Perhaps I will remember to take a picture of my butt for your minions later. But I need to start the fire!

  2. Dave says:

    In amateur radio, which is rife with abbreviations and old men, a common way to refer to one’s “Old Lady,” is “XYL,” which means “Ex Young Lady.” 🙂

  3. trixfred30 says:

    Thats great – I use ‘Her in doors’ (but you have to drop the ‘h’) or ‘She who must be obeyed’

    Of course I don’t really, I would be in serious trouble if i did.

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