Blog Roll and Linkbacks

OK, still doinking around and actually trying to learn things about some of the features of WordPress blogs.

I am adding a “Blog Roll” of the my most often read blogs and the ones that I follow.  Thank you to those that have added my blog to your rolls.  It does send a little traffic to me and I am glad that more people stumble in here and read (and comment).

I am still very humble at the idea that many nice people out there do read and comment on this silly little blog that is mostly about nothing !!!

Thanks all !!!


6 comments on “Blog Roll and Linkbacks

  1. Desi Chick says:

    I’m glad you figured out the blogroll thing because I have to “dink around” on the widgets end as well. I have no idea what some of those things do or mean.

  2. scroungelady says:

    We all start from zero. You’re doing well to figure out just a small part of WordPress features.

  3. marfdrat says:

    A blog about nothing? Nothing? Good sir, it is about BACON, and bacon is absolutely not nothing. Enjoy your site – keep it up.

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