Laundromat Week III

I didn’t post this sooner, but as I told before, the washing machine has been replaced and the laundry situation is great.

Now, one of the extra nice things about the laundromat was that they had a vending machine with the below peanuts for only 50 cents.

I did not know that Lime flavored peanuts was a “Japanese” thing.


4 comments on “Laundromat Week III

  1. … lime flavored peanuts? hahaha how did that taste?

  2. Desi Chick says:

    You make me grin!

  3. Andrew says:

    Timely post…as I will be (hopefully) doing many loads today…

    Also, the washing machine is way out of balance so I need to adjust the feet as well.

    Its time for Spring Cleaning…I am hoping to get most of the winter clothes cleaned and packed away until fall. I mean I really don’t need immediate access to both pairs of Sorels.

    As for your nuts…

    One might think Lime peanuts were a British thing, lol.

    50 cents a bag ain’t bad, but if you want the Laundromat experience at home…

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