Laundromat Update

My wife had an occasion to spend some time at my mother’s house and she thought that she would bring a little laundry to do while there.  My mother has a pair of top grade industrial washing machine and dryer.  My father was curious as to why she was doing laundry and my wife told him that our machine had died a few weeks ago.

“Oh, there is an extra washing machine in the barn” was my father’s response.

About 7 years ago my brother’s house burned down and in order to collect an amount to replace their washing machine, he had to buy one and give the receipt to the insurance company.  But when they built their new house, they wanted a different washer and dryer set and the other washer went into storage !!!

Who’da thunk that there would be a new (but 6 year old) washing machine in the barn??

I wasn’t in much of a hurry to spend $400 and I had little interest in having to fill out a credit application at some big box appliance store, so this was great.

I do have some concerns.

I am someone that if I didn’t have bad luck, I would have no luck at all.

So when something this good falls into my lap, I am going to have to watch every step I take for a while !!!

2 comments on “Laundromat Update

  1. Andrew says:

    In the barn…your luck sucks…may I suggest inspecting the hoses.

    A mouse, in search of water, bit into my fridge water line once. I found two tiny little punctures, just like the ones I remember my gerbil put in my finger as a kid. I bled and cried, but the fridge just leaked…into the sub flooring. Big mess! lol

  2. Matthew W says:

    I got bit by a horse !!!
    That hurt !!

    The hoses are good (so far)

    Amazing as to how much damage a dumb little rodent can do !!


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