FOX News: Liberal Laxative

Some people like to hunt moonbats:

I prefer a “kinder, gentler” approach.

I like to walk up to Liberals and whisper in their ear: “FOX NEWS”

The look on their face as they involuntarily lose control of their bowels is priceless !!!!!

After the crap stops running down to the ground and out their pant leg, they begin with the the most predictable and vitriolic ranting about how FOX NEWS is biased and can’t be taken seriously (usually working in “Bush is the worst President”).

Well, from now on after I do this and the spittle and foam has subsided, I can ask them this,

“Has FOX NEWS ever done this:”

There is an exceptional history lesson here about what the Nixon White house did and since it’s very apropos considering the laxative effect that “NIXON” has on liberals too.

So moonbats, did “FOX NEWS” ever have weekly strategy sessions with the Bush administration?


2 comments on “FOX News: Liberal Laxative

  1. Matt says:

    I wonder if what they spew from their mouths is more foul that what emanates from their nether regions?

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